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AB"Stumbras" LT-44328 Lithuania

Brandy matured in traditional oak barrels and distinct for its harmonious taste and aroma of fruit and vanilla. GLORIA is traditionally consumed from a tulip-shaped glass, warmed a bit with the palms of your hands. Goes well with a piece of dark chocolate. It can also be served on the rocks or with ..
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Produced from traditional matured French brandy with an infusion of fresh oranges and dark chocolate. An exquisite brandy that unfolds with notes of citrus fruit peel, orange tree blossom, raisins and vanilla. Flavoured with orange and chocolate flavourings. With its rich amber colour, thi..
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DAINAVA is a bitters created by combining traditional Lithuanian ingredients – natural apple, rowan berry, cherry, cranberry and blueberry juice. DAINAVA has a slightly tart flavor, a rich, orange-brown color, and the aroma of fruit, berries and wine.DAINAVA can be consumed neat or mixed with grapef..
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Produced from rowan and cranberry juice according to a unique recipe, PALANGA is a bitters with a very original taste. The beverage is mildly tart, with the expressive flavor of rowan berries; it has a rich, well-balanced aroma and a deep, reddish brown color.We recommend serving this bitters neat..
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