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This brandy is made by French experts and aged in special oak casks which do not give the brandy the typical brown colour. The aroma is fresh, with hints of vanilla and fruit. Even though it is colourless, this drink has typical gentle taste of brandy. It is non-traditional brandy intended..
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EN Brandy Alita XO. This exceptional brandy is produced from the selected grape wines of Bordeaux and Cognac regions (France), long matured in oak casks.Brandy Alita XO charms by its remarkable smooth taste and intense aroma. Please drink sensibly.LT Brandy Alita XO - ilgai ąžuolo statinęse bra..
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Brandy matured in traditional oak barrels and distinct for its harmonious taste and aroma of fruit and vanilla. GLORIA is traditionally consumed from a tulip-shaped glass, warmed a bit with the palms of your hands. Goes well with a piece of dark chocolate. It can also be served on the rocks or with ..
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Produced from traditional matured French brandy with an infusion of fresh oranges and dark chocolate. An exquisite brandy that unfolds with notes of citrus fruit peel, orange tree blossom, raisins and vanilla. Flavoured with orange and chocolate flavourings. With its rich amber colour, thi..
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Produced from the blend of selected brandies from Bordeaux and Cognac regions in France. The brandy spirit is made by double distillation of the grape wine produced from the following grape varieties: Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanche, Colombard.The taste is delicate and light, typical for French brandy. It..
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Reserva comes only from the most experienced distillers with a stock of best quality brandies. Reserva - a brandy with a southern character, reserved for those, who know the taste of traditions. Please drink responsibly.  ..
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Reserva comes only from the most experienced distillers with a stock of best quality brandies.Reserva - a brandy with a southern character, reserved for those, who know the taste of traditions. Please drink responsibly.  ..
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This French brandy features a majestic taste with the subtle aroma of fresh walnuts and hints of almond and vanilla.After a long maturity period, the raw materials for this brandy are sent to Lithuania from a factory located just a few kilometers from the town of Cognac in south-western France; this..
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EN This brandy is enriched with a natural infusion of royal plums. We recommend serving it with dessert or mixed with apple juice.LT Šis brendis yra paskanintas karališkųjų slyvų antpilu. Rekomenduojama prie desertų arba maišyti su obuolių sultimis...
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Grand Cavalier Brandy is produced from distilled wine from French grapes and is stored in the cellars of Bordeaux. Mixed with a five year old Azeri brandy, it has a refined and noble taste...
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In spite of being a novelty, this brand has already won a wide popularity not only in Moldova but also abroad and thanks to its high quality can compete with other widely known brands. It is produced of wine distillates 5-years ageing.The color is amber. The taste is full and balanced. The bouquet i..
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Divin “BELII AIST” (White Stork) – it is one of the most popular and well-known Moldavian brands. Stork is a symbol of the Moldavian winemaking.A well-known legend tells that it was the storks coming flying with bunches of grapes in their beaks that saved from starvation the Moldavians besieged in t..
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Product made from spirits aged in oak barrels for at least 5 years.It is distinguished by the color of amber. The aroma opens with notes of flowers with light shades of aging.It is characterized by soft and harmonious taste.ORIGIN: The village Bardar is situated at 15 km from Chisinau and 10 km..
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Alexandrion 5 Stars comes in a 0.5 l bottle and is a distilled alcoholic beverage of the brandy type. With an alcohol content of 37.5%, this liquor comes from Romania and is among the market leaders for this category of spirits, yet the recipe that it is based on is an old, high-quality Greek one.Al..
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Alexandrion 7 Stars is a distinguished blend, made from aged wine distillate and complemented by a secret bouquet of natural extracts, reminiscent of delicate Mediterranean aromas and oak wood. It touches the divine, exceeds the seven skies. TASTING NOTES: It’s the delightful sweet notes that tantal..
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