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Bobelinė is a natural Lithuanian cranberry bitter made according to unique recipe.A unique slightly sour taste of cranberries with a bit of sweetness and wonderful aroma of ripe berries – all that makes the well-balanced taste.Consumed neat or on the rocks, perfect ingredient for various cocktails...
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A strong beverage with a lightly burning taste, STUMBRAS Starka is for those who are looking for a special, robust flavor. The taste of dried apples and pears reveals itself in the golden brown beverage, and the perfectly balanced fragrance tickles the nose. It is a natural infusion of pear and appl..
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DAINAVA is a bitters created by combining traditional Lithuanian ingredients – natural apple, rowan berry, cherry, cranberry and blueberry juice. DAINAVA has a slightly tart flavor, a rich, orange-brown color, and the aroma of fruit, berries and wine.DAINAVA can be consumed neat or mixed with grapef..
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Produced from rowan and cranberry juice according to a unique recipe, PALANGA is a bitters with a very original taste. The beverage is mildly tart, with the expressive flavor of rowan berries; it has a rich, well-balanced aroma and a deep, reddish brown color.We recommend serving this bitters neat..
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It is believed that the origin of NINES bitters may be related to the pagan world-view and its division of the world into three mythological spheres: the underworld, the earth and the sky. THE NINES bitters include elements representing all three of these spheres: roots (the underworld), peels, herb..
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