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Volfas Engelman "Porteris" Pint (Glass) 6% alc.

Volfas Engelman "Porteris" Pint (Glass) 6% alc.

Volfas Engelman from its history has inherited a splendid dark beer with a luxurious name Imperial Porteris. In it hops and roasted malts palling up presented this beer with a dark mahogany colour and tinctured such royal taste that you will find nowhere else. Usually the beers of porter type are viscous and heavy. This one is different. A splendid combination of ingredients have formed its exclusive taste and colour: light Lithuanian “pilsner”, German caramel “cara red” malts and the duet of “Perle” and “Magnum” hops.

Volfas Engelman Imperial Porteris is especially pleasant and is drunk with lightness.

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