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Patiekalai stiklainyje (Dishes in jars)

Patiekalai stiklainyje (Dishes in jars)
Beef tripe in tomato sauce   Weight 500g Ingredients: beef rumens, water, pork skins, wheat flour, carrot, parsley, parship, onion, celeriac, tomato paste, salt, pork gelatin, spices, dried vegetables, refined vegetable oils, natural buttery flavour, flavour enchancers - E621, E635, sugar..
Ex Tax:£1.89
Meat balls in cabbage   Weight 520g Ingredients: meat balls, white cabbage, water, tomato, carrot, parsle, wheat flour, spices, dried onions, salt, dried tomato, sugar...
Ex Tax:£1.10
Stuffed cabbage leaf in tomato sauce Weight  320g Ingredients: water, stuffed cabbage leaf, spices, tomato concentrate, sugar, salt, dried onion...
Ex Tax:£1.19
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