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Blynai (Pancakes)

Blynai (Pancakes)
  Ingredients: wheat flour, water, eggs, vegetable oil,sugar, salt. Cherry filling: sour cherries (99% ), sugar. Directions: unfreeze the pancakes and fry in the vegetable oil at medium temperature until golden brown. Let the roast rest according your tas..
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  Ingredients:dough 75% (water,wheat flour,full milk powder,eggs,vegetable oil,salt,sugar),stuffing 25% (beef- 70%, water,onion,salt,seasoning). Cooking instructions: Defrost before cooking. Fry on a frying pan with oil ill the pancakes become golden from b..
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  Ingredients: dough 75% ( water, wheat flour, full milk powder, eggs, vegetable oil, salt, sugar), stuffing 25% ( beef 70%, water, onion, salt, seasoning). Cooking instruction: defrost before cooking, fry on a frying pan with oil till the pancakes bocome g..
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