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Koldūnai, pyragėliai (Dumplings)

Koldūnai, pyragėliai (Dumplings)
  Dumplings with chicken filling 1kg   Ingredients: flour, chicken filling (40%): chicken meat, water, onions, soya proteins, eggs, salt, seasoning. Preparation: Put frozen dumplings into boiling water,salted to one's li..
Ex Tax:£5.49
  "Naminiai koldunai" Home made dumplings with meat 1kg   Ingredients: flour, meat stuffing (40%), beef, water, pork, onions, eggs, salt, seasoning Preparation: Put frozen dumplings into boiling water,salted to one's lik..
Ex Tax:£6.99
  "Koldunai Dzukiski" Dumplings with meat 1kg   Ingredients: dough 65% ( the highest quality wheat flour,water,salt); meat stuffing 35% (pork 28%, beef 28%, water, onions, minced soy, salt, soy flour, mixed spices).  &nbs..
Ex Tax:£3.99
   Dumplings with meat 800g "Koldunai Tortellini"   Ingredients: dough 62% (wheat flour, water, vegetable oil with carotine, salt), meat filling 38% (pork 40%, beef 40%,..
Ex Tax:£4.29
 Country Dumplings with meat 2000g  "Kaimiski koldunai"  Ingrediens;flour,water,meat,stuffing(30%),chicken,pork,onions,soyproteins,eggs,salt,seasoning. Net weight:2000g  Nutritional value per 100g:proteins-13g, carbohydrates-9g,fat-5g. Energetic value-831kj,19..
Ex Tax:£7.89
  Dumplings with meat 2500g "Sibierisu"(koldunai)   Ingredients: dough ( wheat flour, drinking water, vegetable oil, salt), stuffing (mechanically deboned chicken meat 33%, drinking water, soybean protein, onions, beef 8%, pork 6%, salt, seasonings, flavou..
Ex Tax:£8.99
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