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Įvairūs padažai ir kita (Sauces)

Įvairūs padažai ir kita (Sauces)
Garlic sauce    Weight 480g Ingredients: water, rape seed oil, garlic - onion taste, spice mix, water, garlics, glucose sirup, salt, natural aroma mix, modified starch, garlic chives, vine vinegar, thickeners, egg yol powder,  Nutrition facts for 100g:  energy value ..
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"Chili" mayonnaise sauce    Weight 400g Ingredients: rapeseed oil, water, sugar, ground cilli paprika, salt, thickening agent - modified starch, stabilizer - xanthan gum, acidity regulating agent - citric acid, preservatives, spirit vinegar, powdered egg yolks with salt and dry gloco..
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