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Sviestas,margarinas (Butter,Margarine)

Blended spread "Venta" Weight 200g  75% fat (milk fat not less than 60%, oil fat more than 15%). Ingredients: butter, vegetable oil...
Ex Tax:£2.99
Margarine Kasia Weight 250g Ingredients: water, oils and vegetable fat, water, whey emulsifiers, salt, acidity reguator, coloring...
Ex Tax:£1.39
Sweet cream butter "Dvaro" Weight 200g Ingredients: pasteurised cream. Energetic value: 744kcal, protein 0,7g, carbohydrates 0,8g, fat 82,0g...
Ex Tax:£3.30
Butter Delma Weight 500g Ingredients: water, oil and vegetable fat, modified starch, butter, emulsifiers, salt, butter milk powder, preservative, citric acid, vitamin A, D3...
Ex Tax:£1.89
Butter Rama Classic Weight 250g Ingredients: vegetable oil, fats, water, buttermilk, emulsifier, salt, preservative potasium sorbate, acidity regultor citric acid, vitamin A, D3, E, flavor, beta carotene...
Ex Tax:£2.19
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