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Mėsa (Meat)

Mėsa (Meat)
Marinated "Caucasian" shashlik, frozen Weight 700g Ingredients: pork neck, rape oil, herbs, celery, salt, sugar, acidity regulator E451, E300, E415...
Ex Tax:£7.89
Minst meat ''Sokolow'' (Malta mėsa) Weight 250g Ingredients: pork meat 31%, and beef meat 19%, , water, pork fat, wheat flour (contains gluten), bamboo celulose, salt, soya cellulose, soya protein, vegetables and their concentrate (cont. mustard), flavour enchancer E621, maltodekstrine, glucose..
Ex Tax:£2.69
Chicken gizzards and hearts (Vištos skrandukai) Keep in win.-18 temperature Do not refreeze after defrosting..
Ex Tax:£2.89
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